Cooperation with A-Safe

GRANDAT starts cooperation with A-SAFE company

We started active cooperation with the first manufacturer of fixed polymer protection of personnel, equipment and mechanisms in the world history. These protective constructions are used in industrial premises and logistics centers. A-SAFE transport barriers absorb and dissipate kinetic energy. They can withstand multiple impacts of warehouse equipment and cargo vehicles, handling a force that would destroy other fences and rip the floor anchorage. After impact transport barriers regain their shape and form, while the equipment remains undamaged. Protective constructions are made from an exclusive material, using advanced technologies. Patented materials and components are truly unique and one of a kind.

Technological solutions are based on the exclusive advanced technology of Memaplex™. The components of this unique material are combined to produce a durable and flexible material. Zinc-nickel and electrophoretic coating provides enhanced protection of supporting structures against chipping and corrosion. A unique set of basic fixings allows you to apply individual installation methods for any types of floors. A-SAFE products have a 30-year history, they are TÜV certified and thoroughly tested even outside industry standards.