Telescopic handler Bobcat T40170

Year of manufacture: 2011
Power: 74.5 kW
Weight: 10970 kg

Bobcat T40170 telescopic handler, which you can rent by GRANDAT Construction Company, refers to a relatively new class of powerful, versatile, telescoping boom machines that are in great demand.

Bobcat T40170 will help to quickly complete bulk loading-construction  works that require high lifting height.

Bobcat handler can work both with loose building materials and with pallet loads, and if necessary, serve as a bucket truck.

A special monitoring system prevents exceeding the maximum allowable loads  in real time.

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Lifting height 17180 mm
Nominal load-lifting capacity 4000 kg
Maximum lifting capacity 1250 kg
Maximum lifting capacity 560 kg
Width 2335 mm
Height 2473 mm
Length 6207 mm

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