Roller BOMAG BW80 AD-2

Year of manufacture: 2007
Power: 11.9 kW
Weight: 1540 kg

BOMAG BW80 AD-2 roller is usually rented for land and asphalt works on small construction sites, as well as during repairs and reconstruction of highways.

The roller is quite economical in fuel consumption and is almost silent, and a powerful vibrating device allows achieving high performance of the work process.

Compact design provides good maneuverability and mobility in a limited space, as well as allows performing surface treatment along walls, curbs and roadside.

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Operating mass 1470 kg
Average static. load 9.2 kg / cm
The radius of rotation along the inner track 2020 mm
Speed (with vibration) 0-4.5 km / h
Transport speed 0-8 km / h
Overcome rise 0.4
Engine Kubota D 722
Power 12.4 kW
Amplitude of vibration 0.52 mm
Vibration frequency 60/40 Hz
Length 1862 mm
Width 856 mm
Height 2300 mm
Working width 800 mm

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