Bulldozer DZ-110 (T130)

Year of manufacture: 1988
Power: 170 l.с.
Weight: 14320 kg

We offer to rent RS-110 (T130) bulldozer for work in the oil and gas industry, construction, forestry and roads repairing.

DZ-110 is a modified T 130 tractor equipped with a screw shaft, a mold board with knives, a pushing bar.

If you need a universal speciaized machinery that can be used in extreme low (to -40) and extremely high temperatures (+40), then it is worth buying RS-110  bulldozer.

The main advantages of this machinery include the availability of spare parts, low cost and ease of design, which allow to conduct  the repair quickly and easily.

Renting a bulldozer in our company, you get not only a tmachinery, but also experienced staff, able to perform work of different levels of complexity.

Length 5445 mm
Width 3050 mm
Height 3420 mm
Wheeled (caterpillar) base 2478 mm
Road clearance 415 mm
Front track 1880 mm
Rear track 1880 mm
Width of the caterpillar's boot 500 mm
Front gear 3.7-12.2 km / h
Rear transmissions 3.56-12.05 km / h

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