Smooth roller HAMM HD+90 VV-S

Year of manufacture: 2013
Power: 100 kW
Weight: 9470 kg

We offer to rent Hamm HD 90 tandem roller with two vibro rollers.

Roller operator has a perfect circular view thanks to the steering wheel seat and the dashboard that can be displaced and rotated.

Hydrostatic drive, which is mounted on the front and rear rollers, ensures quick overtaking of climbing.

Hamm HD 90 can be purchased only with a joystick control system. Speed control elements, vibration parameters, engine speed, and diesel fuel consumption are mounted on these levers.

Weight 9.86 t
Steering control KL
Vibration frequency 42/55 Hz
Outside radius of rotation (on wheels) 5.25 m
Engine manufacturer Deutz
Power 100 kW
Drive gear A
Speed 12 km / h
Roller width 1.85 m
Static linear load 29.6 / 29 kg / cm
Engine model TCD 2012 L 04 2V
Number of engine rotations rateat max. moment 2300

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