Excavator JCB 4CX

Year of manufacture: 2014
Power: 74.2 kW /100 l.с.
Weight: 8860 kg

JCB 4CX Sitemaster is a used wheeled forklift with a set of versatile equipment for performing any landing, unloading, loading, construction and road works.

The model has the best in class performance, as well as low maintenance costs, which in turn reduces fuel consumption.Taking into accunt these factors, buying or renting a used truck will be a good solution for your company.

Due to the mechanical system of compensation of the angle of the bucket tilt when raising the arrow on the backhoe, the disperse of the material during loading work is excluded.

JCB backhoe can quickly and smoothly change direction without stopping the loader itself (both load and no).

Equipment: Bucket rear - 0,48 m3, front - 1,3m3

Useful engine power 74,2 kW /100 l.с.
Transmission semi-automatic Powershift / automatic machine Autoshift
Digging depth 5.53 m
Front bucket capacity 1.3 cubic m
Load-carrying capacity 4378/1885 kg
Weight 8.66 t

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