Production of embedded parts on demand

An indispensable element of your construction

In the field of construction, embedded parts are an indispensable element

But the manufacturing and delivery of small metal structures in a short time is a problem for many companies.

That's why Grandat decided to open its own production. The use of high-strength steel in the manufacturing of parts, many years of experience and qualified personnel is our quality assurance.


In the construction, the anchors are the most reliable among the fastening elements, they guarantee a firm fixation of any structure. The company has sufficient experience and technical capabilities to create anchors of varying complexity, configuration in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

The production of metal structures is strictly regulated by the National Standart of Ukraine B. V.2.6-168: 2011.

Cooperating with Grandat you get:

1. Quick calculation. In a short time you will know the cost and time of work.
2. Work without intermediaries. We work on our own production, therefore we guarantee high-quality and timely production of parts taking into account all customer's wishes.
3. The shortest terms of order execution. Did you need the details yesterday? Then you have come to the right place. We will quickly produce the necessary products.
4. Installation and dismantling. We provide services for installation and dismantling of metal structures.
5. Competitive price. We will offer you the most favorable terms of cooperation.
6. Delivery. We carry out delivery throughout Ukraine in the specified terms.

Looking for high-quality metal structures?

Grandat company will produce the necessary parts according to your drawing, which will meet the highest standards.

Each order is custom, in the manufacturing of parts the following factors are taken into account:

- conditions and operating environment;
- results of laboratory soil studies;
- test of endurance;
- predicted load indicators;
- technical characteristics of the future structure.

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Our advantages

We offer our clients the best terms for cooperation, convenient options for ordering, payment and delivery of products, and also guarantee the high quality of all products sold.


Own production


Modern equipment


Design department

Product brands


How do we work? pattern of work:

Application processing

We receive the order with all the necessary technical characteristics of the products

Calculation of cost

Calculate and approve the price of the order

Order payment

You make the payment in any convenient way: cash and bank transfer are available

Production of parts

Directly the process of production of embedded parts

Delivery of the order

It is carried out by self-delivery or our service across Ukraine

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