Irrigation systems (RKD)

The key to an excellent yield

Grandat is the official representative of the RKD company (Spanish)

Agribusiness has long been independent of weather conditions, because modern technology solves the problems of irrigation and does it as efficiently as possible.

When designing systems, advanced technologies are used in the field of saving energy and water.

Our experts with many years of experience will advise you on the optimal type of equipment, considering:

  • features of the landscape;
  • the area of irrigation;
  • location of the reservoir;
  • climatic conditions;
  • type (classification) of plants;

Advantages of RKD Irrigation Systems:

  • wide selection of technical solutions;
  • rational use of natural resources;
  • watering area up to 200 hectares;
  • reliable metal structures;
  • watering in conditions of low pressure;
  • taking water from a closed or open network;
  • use in fields with complex terrain.

Selection of the type of sprinkler machines is carried out on the custom basis, depending on the needs and conditions of each Client. RKD irrigation systems are automated and do not require significant operating costs.

Additional installation of the GSM module allows monitoring and controling the system using a smartphone or tablet.

We offer a full range of services

Grandat company implements irrigation projects on a «turn-key basis». This means that you no longer need to search for contractors for each stage of the project.

Projects on a «turn-key basis» includes:

  1. Professional consultation;
  2. On-site visit;
  3. Project development;
  4. Equipment selection;
  5. Engineering calculations;
  6. Construction of networks;
  7. Installation of equipment;
  8. Warranty and post-warranty service.
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Buy the RKD irrigation systems and get:



High quality equipment that does not require much time for care


Rational use

Of resources and time due to self-dosed water supply


Increased yields up to 50%

Due to independence from weather conditions

The range of our services includes


Custom selection of equipment

A wide selection of RKD sprinklers provides the ability to irrigate the fields of different shapes. Our experts will select for you the optimal option of equipment and all necessary components.

Here you can order the following types of irrigation systems:

  • Circular sprinkler;
  • Front-rotary sprinkler (racecourse type);
  • Multi-zone sprinkler machine;
  • Front irrigation system with water intake from the hydrant.

Arrangement of irrigation systems

A comprehensive approach to project implementation allows avoiding the search for a large number of contractors to perform various types of work.

We offer:

  • On-site visit of specialists in order to collect the necessary information;
  • Development of situational schemes of irrigation system and placement of connecting networks;
  • Hydraulic calculations;
  • Selection of equipment and building materials;
  • Laying new networks;
  • Re-equipment of existing irrigation systems;
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.


Warranty and post-warranty service includes:

  • Personnel training;
  • Periodic inspection;
  • Replacement and repair of accessories and irrigation systems;
  • Customer support 24/7.

Delivery of equipment to anywhere in Ukraine

We value the time of our customers, therefore the delivery of irrigation systems and spare parts throughout Ukraine is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Implemented projects


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Type and model of the irrigation mechanism is designed for the needs and characteristics of a particular farm. Comprehensive service makes us leaders in the construction market, because you do not need to contact several contractors.

We start our work with the design of the necessary technical documentation, and we continue with the post-warranty service.


Installation of equipment RKD

Cooperation with Grandat is:


We provide a guarantee for equipment and installation

Always on time

We complete projects within a specified time


You are working with professionals having experience and proficiency certificats

Competitive price

We will offer you the most favorable conditions for ordering parts

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